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dissertation artefact

"What role does physical music and its artwork hold in this digital era?" 
Looking into the effect of physical music and its design/marketing has on sales. Alongside how streaming has impacted how we approach music design formats.
I wanted to produce an artefact that reflects my research. Looking into LP, CD  design and how this could be adapted or changed into the digital era
we currently live in. AR (Augmented Reality ) is a new technology that allows us to combine the physical and digital world.

I thought there might be an opportunity to do this for my work. Using the software Unity I was able to produce a physical vinyl cover which once picked up on camera would animate. 
I was inspired by a tour I worked on in 2018 with Hypophora. Using images I took on this run I created an album cover and tour poster. These photos were used to create an animated version that would then show once on camera.

See more below.

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